What to Expect with Your First-Time Float?

When people come to Modern Elevation Wellness Center for their first floatation therapy experience we recommend that they don’t overly concern themselves with expectations. That’s because we feel that the experience should speak for itself, as it did for so many Airdrie and greater Calgary residents who enjoyed their first-float with our predecessor, Ascension Float.

Floating is an exceptionally personal experience that provides a broad range of positive impacts that vary widely depending upon each person’s distinct physiology and current physical and mental state. While one person might be primarily reflective on the profound sense of calm imparted by that first-time float, another might be awestruck by the freeing-of-the-mind clarity of thought. Some athletic first-timers focus on how it eases their after-work-out recovery, while some primarily notice pain relief, and others a boost in energy levels. Typically, though, people come away from their first-time float with multiple positive perceptions about how the experience has impacted their body, mind, and spirit.

What to Expect with Your First-Time Float—the Process

OK, so you have arrived at Airdrie’s Modern Elevation Wellness Center for your first float session—now what?

Well, you will first meet our amazing staff members for a run-down of the procedures we have listed here, and sign the mandatory Waiver. This waiver assures us that you don’t have any medical conditions or other issues that might lead to potential difficulties during your float session, and that you will abide by ME safety and etiquette rules.

A staff member will give you a tour of our facilities and then escort you to your private float room. Together we will check out the float cabin and receive a final briefing on making the best of your float. Our staff are avid floaters and stand ready to answer any questions you might have about your first float, so please do not hesitate to bring up any questions or concerns you may have.

Your Float Experience

After you have showered, we recommend that you gently enter the float cabin and slowly lie down face up as the water’s buoyancy lifts you up. Find a position that feels naturally comfortable as you breathe deeply with inflows through the nose and outflows through the mouth. As relaxation sets in you’ll likely notice the lack of stimuli, but do not dwell on it, or any of the thoughts that randomly come into your mind. Try to let it all go and give your mind and senses a break. Most people find that they can shut it all down naturally, but some need to be more proactive at clearing the mind of incoming new thoughts and sensations. You will probably find that you start losing sense of space and time and your body feels as if one with the water. At some point you will reach a point of ultimate relaxation or meditative state that you have never achieved before. This is why you are here.

When your session ends the sense of ultimate relaxation will likely remain, you will emerge from the cabin with a sense of renewal or recharge. Some first-time floaters report an utter sense of euphoria. Whatever positive sensations you might be feeling, we recommend that you continue to focus on them after your post-float shower, by relaxing in our lounge with a cup of tea or other light refreshment.

Float Therapy Preparation and Etiquette

Pre-Float Preparation

Other than a desire to get the most out of your floatation experience, you don’t have to bring much with you to Modern Elevation Wellness Center. We provide towels, soap, and other bath products for your pre- and post-float showers, but feel free to bring any personal care products such as conditioner, deodorant or facial cream. If you wear glasses or contacts, make sure you bring a case to put them in during your float.

To get the most from your float therapy experience we suggest that you follow these recommendations:

•Try to book your float therapy session at a time when you are not already feeling harried or pressed for valuable time
•Do not shave the day of your float as the Epsom salts could cause stinging, which will definitely detract from the floating goal of reducing stimuli to your mind and body.
•Do not eat a big meal prior to your session, but perhaps eat a light meal or snack an hour or so ahead of time to reduce potential stomach rumbling.
•We suggest not consuming caffeine in the two hours before your float.
•Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs the day of your float, as their impacts on your mind and body can obscure or nullify the positive benefits floating naturally bestows.
•Arrive early and make sure to use the restroom in advance of your float session.
•Enter the float tank in the nude—a bathing suit brings external stimuli against your skin.


We don’t like to make rules, but to ensure the best possible floatation therapy experience for all of our guests, we ask people to abide by appropriate etiquette. Thus, please:

•Keep noise to a minimum, as if you were in a library.
•Try not to splash the water or otherwise play with it—floating is not a recreational venture like an outing to the public pool.
•If you have an open cut or wound, please let us know, as we will provide you with a salve to cover it.
•Do not bring alcohol or drugs.
•Refrain from peeing in the cabins—it might feel good to let go, but….