Big Names in Floating

Don’t Take Our Word for It—Check Out These Notable Floaters

We gave you Modern Elevation Wellness Center’s take on float therapy and why interest is booming in northern Calgary on our Why and Benefets page. But you don’t have to take our word for why floating represents an innovative tool for enhancing overall health and addressing certain therapeutic conditions, as plenty of notable people have adopted float therapy into their own health regimens.

Consider, what do New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, supermodel Elle Macpherson, Beatles singer/songwriter John Lennon, comedian/UFC commentator/podcaster Joe Rogan, Olympic champion Carl Lewis, and U.S. Navy SEAL team members have in common?

Trick question, eh?

If you did not answer “float therapy” then you have not been reading this website very carefully. Perhaps you are so distracted by everything else in your life that you might want to consider a floating session to clear your mind.

Whatever the case, those above-mentioned notable people—as well as hundreds, or even thousands, of others not mentioned—are all strong proponents of the health benefits that can be gained from floatation therapy. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why they float:

Tom Brady

— Perhaps Patriots coach Bill Belichick deserves more credit here, as he discovered floating in 2014 during a visit to a U.S. special forces base to check out their training methods and strength, fitness, and health-related technology. The unit used float therapy to help with sleep deprivation, post-traumatic stress disorder, and to help speed up learning of foreign languages. Belichick was so impressed that he ordered the installation of floatation pods at the Patriots’ training facilities at Gillette Stadium.

Joe Rogan

—— While we’re not sure whether floating enhances his comedic routines, Joe Rogan is known as the most vocal celebrity advocate of floating, to the point where he has been described as a “floating evangelist.” And his preaching to the choir seems to be working, as float therapy is widely used among professional mixed martial arts fighters, a cadre he was formerly a member of. While Joe has long promoted floating as a tool for athletic recovery and for its ability to help athletes focus, he also promotes it as a great self-help tool for anyone needing to stimulate introspection. To listen to Joe wax poetic about floating, check out this podcast:

Elle Macpherson

— The stunning supermodel has reportedly been an avid floater for decades, and, like Brady, has a float tank in her home. Elle reportedly took to floating for its relaxation benefits, jet lag recovery, and for the skin conditioning provided by the Epsom salts.

Carl Lewis

— Multi-Olympic track and field medalist Carl Lewis was also an early adherent to floating. The 10-time world champion reportedly first relied on floating to focus his mind and visualize winning, prior to his record-setting performance during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. It then become a regular component of his pre-competition strategy, and after work-out and competition recovery regimen.

John Lennon

—John Lennon turned to floating in 1979 and credited the therapy as being key to kicking what had been a severe heroin addiction. In late 1980, at age 40, he told his producer that he was feeling physically and spiritually the best he had ever felt in his life, and attributed it in part to floating. He would likely still be floating today had not an assassin cut down his illustrious singer-songwriter career a few weeks after that conversation.

U.S. Navy SEALs

—The U.S. military tends to be rather secretive about its training methods, but it is widely known that elite U.S. Navy SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) units use floatation therapy for training preparation and recovery, and to help SEAL team members heal from injuries and or post-traumatic stress disorder. The organization also utilizes a combination of biometrics and float therapy to accelerate foreign language learning. The improved focus spurred by floating, combined with biofeedback, reportedly helps reduce what had been a standard six-month language learning cycle down to just six weeks.

Float Therapy Keeps Gaining Adherents

As previously suggested, these notable names are just a few out of hundreds of big names in sports, entertainment, and the military who have adopted float therapy as part of their health regimens. And the numbers of new float adherents keeps growing, pretty much by leaps and bounds (but please, no splashing).

Of course, you don’t have to be an elite athlete, celebrity, or warrior to reap any of the many benefits of float therapy—floating is available to everyone! And you can get your float on in the Airdrie and Calgary area at Modern Elevation Wellness Center. With a deep personal interest in floating, and personal wellness, the owners and staff at ME can help tailor a float session or regimen to address your specific physical, mental, spiritual, and recovery goals. To learn more about why so many people are becoming active adherents to float therapy, contact us here at Modern Elevation Wellness Center at 587-254-4427.