New to Floating in the Calgary Area?

What is Floating?

If you’re new to floating in the Calgary area, then you are probably wondering exactly what floating is. You are undoubtedly aware that it is a new health regimen trend, but beyond that and its weightless name, you might not have any idea what it’s all about. So, let Airdrie’s newest providers of float therapy—Modern Elevation Wellness Center—elevate your understanding of this novel booster of physical and mental health.

Developed in the 1950s by American scientist John C. Lilly, floating goes by many names, including float therapy, floatation therapy, restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST), and isolation therapy. While Lilly used float therapy as part of sensory deprivation experiments designed to study consciousness, other research and anecdotal evidence over subsequent decades have uncovered a wide range of health-boosting and therapeutic benefits to the mind and body.

Float Therapy Suspends the Senses

The key to float therapy’s success appears to be its action in temporarily suspending the near-constant assault on our minds and body from external stimuli—that is noise, light, smell, touch, pressure, and friction. For most people, floating represents the first time in their lives that they have experienced such a comprehensive suspension of all their senses’ need to actively work. That brief suspension gives our bodily and mental systems a chance to recharge themselves unencumbered by other functional needs—A supercharged recharge, of sorts.

As noted by an assistant coach of a world championship sports team, 45 minutes of floating is “the equivalent of four hours of sleep,” among many other benefits he cites about his team’s use of floatation therapy. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

Floating—The Process

Suspending the senses involves entering a light-proof, sound-proof, and neutral-smelling float tank that contains 10 inches of water heated to within a narrow body temperature range, and that contains about 1,100 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts. The “proofing” and “neutral” elements are self-evidentiary, but the Epsom salts are designed to give you positive buoyancy, while the water temperature is designed to mimic your own temperature. Once you’ve settled down and are floating naturally in the tank, you will no longer feel the water, the sense of gravitational forces, nor much in the way of other sensory inputs.

You’d almost think this would be a shock to your nervous system, but instead, most people find it thoroughly relaxing, in many cases delivering among the biggest senses of calm and relaxation of their lives. People also tend to find that floating provides cumulative and even more noticeable benefits with subsequent float sessions. Thus, perhaps that first float session is a shock to the nervous system of sorts, but a shock that one’s system quickly adapts to it in order to take full advantage of stimuli-free recharging.

Some Key Benefits of Floatation Therapy

Alleviates disease and injury symptoms
Reduces stress
Eases pain
Improves sleep
Enhances healing
Relaxes muscles
Improves concentration
Migraine/head ache relief
Enhanced circulation
Reduces swelling/inflammation
Heightens senses
Boosts endorphins
Smooths skin