Why Floating?

Floating in Airdrie? Floatation therapy in northern Calgary? What gives and why does everyone suddenly seem interested in this new therapy?

Float therapy is by no means new (see our History page/section ), and today’s interest is part of an overall trend in support of natural health regimens and remedies. A trend that is bolstered by recent studies extolling the physical and mental health benefits of floatation therapy, and capturing attention due to big-name adoption

Take a look at the following targeted and holistic float therapy benefits and determine which might be applicable to your specific health profile:

Float Therapy for Targeted Treatment

Research is ongoing, but studies have determined that floatation therapy can help alleviate symptoms related to the following ailments and conditions:

•Stress-Induced Muscle Tension
•Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
•Substance Abuse Disorder
•Rheumatoid Arthritis
•Premenstrual Syndrome
•Pregnancy Related Pain
•Chronic Pain
•Anorexia Nervosa
•Tension Headaches

Float Therapy for Holistic Health

As with research on floatation therapy’s targeted therapeutic benefits, research into its holistic benefits is also ongoing. There is plenty of evidence supporting the health benefits of float therapy, especially in relation to its positive impact on mental activity and function. This makes total sense, though, as everyone is wired differently, and what might prove mentally stimulating for some, may not be as stimulating for others. Whatever the case, these documented floatation therapy holistic health benefits have been identified by research, anecdotally, or—in most cases—a combination of the two:

•Enhance Immune Function
•Increase Energy Levels
•Improve Athletic Performance
•Reduce Inflammation and Joint Pain
•Boost Recovery Time (from injuries and/or muscular workouts)
•Reduce Stress
•Lower Blood Pressure
•Increase Endorphin Levels
•Heighten Awareness
•Enhance Mental Clarity
•Improve Sleeping Patterns
•Increase Magnesium Levels (through Epsom salt absorption)
•Boost Natural Detoxification
•Smooth Skin

If you are ready to see how float therapy might benefit a specific ailment and/or overall physical and mental health we trust that you will contact us here at Modern Elevation Wellness Center at 587-254-4427. We look forward to answering any questions you might have, and will provide you a tour of our floatation cabins, pools, and related facilities.