Single Float – $65

Relax and unwind in your private float room for a 60 minute float therapy session.



Shareable 4 Pack – $229

Four 60 minute float therapy sessions you can share with friends and family.

Intro Pack – $129

Three 60 minute float therapy sessions. A special package developed for those new to float therapy. Non-shareable, non-transferrable, can only be purchased once.


floating studio airdrie

Memberships – $50/per month

Enjoy 25% more time in your float therapy sessions, as well as a complimentary float in your first month. Min 2-month commitment.

Receive one 75 Minute Float Session Monthly; Extra floats are $50 each; Bring a friend once a month for the same price; cancel at any time (requires 30 days notice).

Bliss Package  – $145

Enjoy the ultimate experience with a 60 minute massage followed by a 60 minute float therapy session. To book a Bliss Massage and Float Package please email us at or call 587.254.2247.

floating studio airdrie